Huda Beauty Luminous Matte Foundation

If you haven’t been online during the last month, you might not know that Huda Beauty has relaunched her famous Faux Filer Foundation. Now I know not many people were huge fans of this original foundation because it was too thick, it had a strong fragrance to it and it broke a lot of people out. I didn’t actually mind that the foundation was thick as it gave me a really flawless, full coverage finish which I was looking for in a foundation anyway. It didn’t break me out either which I loved but also the fragrance didn’t really bother me that much because it didn’t linger. The Resting Boss Face Setting Spray does have a strong scent that lingers so I would be cautious about that. It gives me a bit of a headache after a while but the thing is, it’s a really great setting spray and literally does not budge my makeup whatsoever.

Anyway, back to the foundation, before lockdown was a thing, few years ago I got shade matched to the Huda Beauty Faux Filer Foundation at a Selfridges counter to the shade 400G Macchiato. This is actually the perfect shade for me and I genuinely loved using it. Since then I’ve repurchased it around 3/4 times.

When I saw that it was going to be reformulated, first things first, I was glad I had already purchased my back ups as the love I have for this foundation is ridiculous and second I was excited because it now claims to be fragrance free, vegan (yay!), non-comedogenic, waterproof, 24 hour wear and mask/transfer proof (something we all definitely need right now!)

When comparing the old formula and the newer one, the consistency is pretty much the same. It’s very thick and it dries quickly so you need to work quite quickly with this foundation. The main thing that stood out to me was that the newer Macchiato shade is a little darker (see swatches) than the older one. That being said this one also doesn’t oxidise whereas the older one did! In the actual bottle itself, the newer one looks lighter which is very confusing!

Luminous Matte on top, Original Faux Filter underneath

I wore this foundation for a full day at work, where I was constantly moving my face mask up and down my face. If you look at the photo below I can honestly say I’m so shocked that it stood up to the claims of being “mask/transfer proof”. And no, this isn’t because of the powder/setting spray that I used (for reference, I used the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder and the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray) but I also wore a few other foundations this week, finished off with the same products but still got transfer! So I think it’s safe to say, the new Huda Beauty Luminous Matte Foundation is definitely mask/transfer proof!!

From my Insta story that day!

As for being “luminous” I didn’t really see that. It’s still a heavy, thick, matte foundation and I really couldn’t see very much luminosity in my skin. It did still give me that flawless skin which I was after and I’m completely in love.

The foundation being a little too dark or not having the luminosity doesn’t really bother me that much as it gives me the full coverage I’m looking for without transferring onto my mask!! These are all minute things for me personally, however, I still think it’s definitely a foundation that needs to be tried by everyone. It’s my go-to for any form of special events and hopefully there will be more of those coming up soon but it really does give you a beautiful finish without just sitting on the skin. Huda did well!! I still really want to try the stick foundation, so I might pick that up soon and give you guys a full review on all three foundations!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this review, I will be doing some more soon!

See you then,


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