Glossybox February 2021

Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing well.

If you don’t already follow Glossybox on Instagram, why?!?! They give spoilers every month about their box and it’s always so exciting. The actual theme for this month’s box “Sing. Dance, Love, Repeat” was so cute and nostalgic for me . The design is a cassette tape and they even had a tamagotchi in their spoiler post. That genuinely made me so emotional about my childhood.

So to get into the actual contents of the box and the sneak peak from last month, the first product is the Avant Skincare Perfecting Rose Sugar Lip Scrub (worth £58). Now, is this worth £58??? I don’t think so. To say you’re only paying £11.75 for the monthly box, yes it’s worth it in that sense but full price?? I would never pay that much! It is a really lovely lip scrub and it does the job well. Your lips are super hydrated and ready for a beautiful lipstick or lipgloss to be applied on top. It also has little rose petal fragments in which I think is such a lovely touch! But it does the same job as any other drugstore lip scrub does so I don’t think this product is AMAZING but it comes in at a decent value when you look at the price of a Glossybox and the other products you get it in.

The next product is the Nudestix Gel Colour Lip and Cheek Balm in the shade Siren (worth £20). This is a beautiful bright red shade which can look universally flattering, you’ve just got to be careful when applying it. Now this product is definitely worth the money! It’s so creamy and buildable which is brilliant, especially when applying on the cheeks! You really don’t want something that makes you question your choices as soon as you’ve applied it. This blends super seamlessly into the skin and looks very flattering on my tan skin. It also looks really beautiful on the lips. It applies as a tinted lip balm and has a glossy finish, the hydration that we all need right now!

Another must that we all need right now is hand cream! After applying layers upon layers of hand sanitiser, our hands are in definite need of some TLC. And that includes applying hand cream at any chance we get! This one is the BubbleT Hand Cream in Peach Bellini (worth £4.99). The size of this hand cream is HUGE so for £4.99 I’ll definitely be picking more of these up, but maybe in a different scent. The peach scent is nice and refreshing but personally I’m not a HUGE fan of peach scented things but I will be sure to use this one up. It’s very hydrating and I love how soft it makes my hands!

On to a very hyped beauty tool… Glow-On-5th Rose Gua Sha (worth £10). I’ve been dying to dry any form of a Gua Sha or Jade Roller for the longest time but I’m not really sure why I’ve never picked one up! At every opportunity I now get, I’m always using my Gua Sha on my face. Whether I have just a serum on my face or a sheet mask, I just love the relaxation feeling it gives me. I must say, before it came I thought it would be made from proper rose quartz but it’s just plastic. It still works really well and can’t fault it, but I was just hoping for something with a little better quality. It’s still my favourite thing I received in this box, I can’t lie.

And finally the last thing in this box, which I have already used and loved and so ready to repurchase is the Steve Laurent Total Repair Lip Mask (worth £5). If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for any mask, whether that be a sheet mask for the whole face, eye masks, lip masks, foot masks, you name it and I’m already obsessed with them. I really love the cooling effect of them and now with my new Gua Sha it’s so much better! So back to the lip mask, I can honestly say I LOVED it. it was super hydrating and not too slimy which is amazing. I really can’t find a way to fault this, like I honestly loved it so much. A perfect little treat in this months “Sing, Dance, Love, Repeat” Glossybox.

I can’t wait to see what’s in next months.

See you then,


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