Glossybox January 2021

The Power of Beauty

The spoiler for this month’s box was the ECooking moisturising serum. I had seen this floating around quite a bit on instagram so I was sort of familiar with the brand but hadn’t tried anything from them. This serum comes in the deluxe mini size so 10ml which is worth £22.50. The full size is 20ml at £45. Since the winter months are still here my skin is in need of SO much moisture. Especially since I’m currently using a high strength retinol (see my Obaji post) it’s important for me to keep up with the hydration of my skin. I’ve used this a few times but I really like what I’ve seen so far. I like using these serums in the evening and apply a little extra so I’m extra hydrated but I’ve loved waking up to a super smooth and hydrated face! This is definitely going to become a staple in my night time skincare routine since I’m now coming to the end of my Obaji treatment.

The next thing that I was super excited about receiving (I saw through spoilers on instagram) is the Daily Concepts Daily Reusable Rounds. These come in a pack of 2, fairly large cotton pads for £6.80 which is a really great price!! I love using cotton pads over makeup wipes. Makeup wipes aren’t that great on the environment plus they don’t take your makeup off properly and you have to cleanse anyway so why not skip that step and move onto cotton pads. They’re much more environmentally friendly AND you actually waste way less products. But reusable cotton pads!!! These are an ultimate game changer for me. I wanted to get them for the longest time but I have never picked them up. I always say to myself “next time” but that never comes, so I’m super glad I got them in my Glossybox this month!!

Product number 3 which we can all do with is a Sant Luxe Beauty Clear Brow Gel (RRP£16) I love using a good brow gel to set my brows, either I use a tinted gel/pomade or I use a pencil to fill them in and a clear brow gel on top. I don’t like to use both a tinted gel AND a pencil as I feel likes it’s too much for me and my brows look too much so this is a perfect addition to my makeup collection. It has a short brush which is perfect for getting all of my brow hairs and not making a huge mess of them! And for the price of the product versus the cost of the box altogether this is a literal no brainer.

Everyone knows by now, I can’t resist a good sheet mask. I love the cool, stress relieving feeling when you first put it on and having no other option but to relax when its on, otherwise it will slowly slide off lol. There’s always so much product in sheet masks, more than you need but that’s what’s great, at least it’s not less! I am yet to try this Avocado Infused Sheet Mask from BeautyPro which only costs £4.95. A pretty standard price for a sheet mask! It looks really good, so I’m excited to use it.

One brand that I’m currently obsessed with after using their products in Glossybox is Mudmasky. I had their scalp treatment shampoo a few boxes ago (before I began using Olaplex) and I literally fell in love with it after the first use! I have a bit of a dry scalp and I’ve tried a lot of things to try and get rid of it but nothing worked except Mudmasky and Olaplex (should’ve gone sulphate free before because wow, what a game changer!) it literally worked straight away and my scalp looked like it had never been dry. It had a bit of a strange scent but it worked so I really wasn’t that bothered. So when I saw that there was another Mudmasky product in this month’s Glossybox, let me tell you I was literally ecstatic!!! I genuinely love this brand and can’t wait to try the Serum Infused Eye Mask. This is a full size product at 30ml and costs £44!!!! Absolute madness that you can get that in this box for a fraction of the price!! I haven’t opened this either yet as I’m trying to get through the ones I already have opened as I don’t want it to go off. I have very high hopes!

And finally the last product in this month’s Glossybox, which we are all in need of is some Hand Sanitiser. This is the YourSanitiser Hand Disinfectant Gel which costs £2.72. For the amount yo get, this is pretty decent. You can’t really go wrong with hand sanitiser in todays climate and I’m sure everyone now has a spare one lying around in their car, bag, room, kitchen. literally anywhere!

All in all a really fantastic box this month and I’m really pleased with all the products. I don’t think any of the products that I received this month have disappointed me!! So excited for the next box already!

See you then,


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