Glossybox November 2020

Anyone else super excited when they received their November Glossybox? I know I was for sure!! I just love the feeling of forgetting you have one coming and then you get that super exciting dispatch email and all the joy comes flooding back 😂.

I absolutely adored the theme for this month. if you aren’t subscribed to Glossybox yet, why?? This month’s theme is Makeup and Magic. And that it was! I was pleasantly surprised at the the products so let’s just go right in…

First we have the main star of the show, the LASplash Magic palette which is SO pigmented, and I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. The shimmers are beyond beautiful and look stunning on the eyes. ahhh if only we were allowed out to show it off. Anyway this retails for £29 which I normally wouldn’t pay for a brand that I’m a little hesitant on. I actually love this brand now so I’m so happy I got to try this palette out and fall in love with it!

Next is a lovely eyeshadow brush from Spectrum Collections. It’s the limited edition brush named B07. So fluffy and great for blending out that crease. I’m already such a huge fan of Spectrum Brushes so this was a winner for me anyway!! The brush retails for £8.99 which is almost the cost of this entire box!!

Moving onto the next three products which are all different variations of masks. A hair mask, a clay mask and a super pretty glitter gel mask.

Did I expect there to be this many masks? No. But do I love them anyway? Hell yes!! Who doesn’t love a good mask. Whether that’s for your face or hair I love how detoxifying it is and you can’t really have enough of them.

The hair mask is from HASK. It’s actually a deep conditioner, I got the Argan Oil one however, I love using these as leave in masks and then washing them out after. Makes my hair SO soft and smooth! These are worth £2.99 on their own.

The Glitter Gel mask is super pretty. And that’s just the packaging! I haven’t used this one yet but it sounds so lovely “Enriched with recharging moonstone extract and glitter shimmer particles, this mask will help leave your skin feeling bright and nourished” and I’m very excited to try it out! This costs £2.49 which is a decent price!

Last but not least we have the mask that has everyone SO excited. The Generation Clay Brightening purple clay mask, which basically had me sold just by the lovely lilac packaging. I absolutely love using clay masks on my face. I always feel like I’ve had a deep clean and my face always feels so soft and refreshed. This costs £19.30 which is on the pricey side but they’re honestly so worth it! I know they’re the biggest pain to wash off once they’re dried but the feeling of your skin is definitely worth a few scrubs.

Let me know what you thought of this months Glossybox and what your favourite product is from it. Mine is definitely the Generation Clay mask!

Excited to see what’s in next months box.

See you then,


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