Too Faced Greatest of all time set

As soon as I saw this set on for sale in Boots for £35 I knew I had to get it! An absolute bargain for 4 full sized products plus a makeup bag, I was sold! And of course Too Faced don’t test on animals so that was another win for me.

I thought I’d give my views on this set and see if it is actually worth it?

Starting with the Lip Injection Extreme, it comes in the shade Bubblegum Yum which is actually a really pretty glossy shade. I have to say, initially I was a little skeptical as it looks a bit too pink but you couldn’t really tell once it was applied. This was my first time trying the lip injection and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. It definitely made my lips plumper and it tingled for a while but honestly I just liked the glossiness it gave to my lips. With an RRP of £22 I’d say this is definitely worth it!

Next we’ll go onto the Better than Sex mascara. This I have used many times previously and I can never fault it. I love the brush, the bristles and everything about it. It’s not too clumpy and doesn’t run throughout the day which I love. I have tried the waterproof version of this mascara before but I’m not a fan of it. I didn’t like how much I was scrubbing my eyes to get the product off at the end of the day. With an RRP of £22 this is 100% worth it!

On to the Better than Sex eyeliner. I am yet to try this properly but I’ve swatched it as well as heard many great things about it and its longevity so I’m very excited to see how it holds up for me and a full face of makeup. The tip is very sharp and precise which I love and the eyeliner isn’t too wet meaning it won’t cause much trouble when being applied which I love. With an RRP of £18 I’m going to go ahead and say this set has SO many good things in it, you need to get your hands on it asap.

Aside from the makeup bag which is fairly big, the final product in the set is the Hangover Pillow Balm. Firstly can I just say the scant of it is amazing. It has a scent of coconuts which makes it very refreshing. I can’t lie and say this is beyond amazing, revolutionary, the best lip balm I’ve ever tried because it isn’t. It is nice don’t get me wrong but would I normally pay £18 for it? Maybe not. Since it is included in this set it’s great and I love that I get to try it out which means it’s definitely worth it but I wouldn’t buy it on its own.

That’s it for this review, let me know if you’ve bought this set and what you think of it, or are planning on buying this set?

See you next time,


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